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PIE # 19 - Na drodze; Iter Polonicum

23.09.2006. Paul Knoll


I did not start out to be a historian; neither when I decided to become a historian did I think I would focus my energies and interests on the Polish middle ages, for my family background wasn't Polish and I had no ties by marriage to that part of the world (my wife's family comes originally from England).

But by luck, I became a Polish historian! And it has been a wonderful road to travel. The road has literally led to living in Poland with wife and children as well as by myself as part of my research and teaching. I'll talk about the experience of studying and teaching Polish matters and try to answer any questions that come out of these details.

Commentary of the Presenter after the meeting:
The evening with the Polish Club was a highlight. They are an extraordinary group of people, and Sue and I thoroughly enjoyed meeting and talking with them. I am so glad that you thought my comments appropriate to them and the occasion. My life "na drodze" has been a particularly enjoyable and rewarding one, and it was fun to share that with all. Thank you again for all that you individually and collectively did to make the visit one of the best
moments we have had.


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