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PIE # 68 - Wczesno-renesansowe włoskie malarstwo ołtarzowe

(10.03.2012) Jacek Skrzeczkowski


Wczesno-renesansowe włoskie malarstwo ołtarzowe

I have been painting and practicing art for over 40 years. My first teacher was my mother, Irena Skrzeczkowska-Hakebeil, a graduate from Warsaw School of Decorative Art and Painting in Poland. Although I chose biology as my career path, art has always been my life passion. When I was studying biochemistry at University of Warsaw I was also taking painting classes at Association of Amateur Artists under direction of Prof. Jerzy Baurski. University degrees (MSc and Ph.D in biochemistry) provided me with teaching experience, which I applied to training students and young researchers in scientific laboratories of Poland, France, and USA. Trips to Italy, Greece and France created opportunities for me to study art in major museums and art collections and established my strong desire to continue painting. After retiring from my scientific career in 2000 I dedicated most of my time to painting and teaching art. I give private lessons to children with a focus on developing their creativity through learning different skills and techniques. My art works are in different media (watercolor, acrylic, oil, pastel, mixed media). I presented my paintings at several Yearly Art Shows (1996 -1998) at Washington State University, San Diego Hillcrest Art Center, and recently at individual exhibition during 2009 Jaroslaw International Classical Guitar Festival in Poland.

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