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PIE # 54 - Emerging issues in treating infections. How ancient healing methods are becoming the most effective cures in fighting infections?

(18.09.2010) Zofia Czechowicz


Infections are frequent contributors to various health issues throughout our lives. Hospital visits to undergo surgery very often end up with acquiring an infection which complicates the post surgical treatment.

In many cases infections are easily treated with antibiotics, however, there is a growing resistance of microorganisms against antibiotics and hospitals are experiencing tremendous problems of treating post surgical infections. Occurrence of bacteria resistant to powerful antibiotics such as MRSA (methicillin resistant Staph aureus) and VRSA (vancomycin resistance Staph aureus) in healthcare facilities are becoming a topic of daily news coverage. There are a fewer options to treat infection and in some cases none. Therefore, alternative methods not involving antibiotics are considered in treating infections.

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