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PIE # 52 - Conservation of Wildlife Corridors - Elephants and Snow Leopards Case Studies

(22.05.2010) Kevin Johnston


With the increase in human population wildlife habitat is dwindling and what remains is becoming fragmented. Animal survival is dependent on coexisting with people. To do so, existing core habitat patches must be connected through a series of corridors. These corridors must allow for seasonal movement as well as for movement between different populations to keep variability in the gene pool so the species can continue to resist diseases.

This talk will discuss two existing corridor projects. The first project presents a collaborative effort with the Masai in Kenya to design a corridor network for elephant movement so that Masai can take advantage of eco tourism while still grazing their livestock. The second project explores the design of a corridor network to allow snow leopards to move between Everest and Annapurna in Nepal. Photographs will be used to document the field expeditions and the results of the computer models of the corridor networks will be presented.

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